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All About Tyres

There is more to know about car tyres than keeping an eye out for the tread getting bare.  While this is an important thing to do, it’s also vital to know how tyres can affect your car’s safety and efficiency.

Safety is of greatest importance, and a quality tyre with good grip can make a difference in an emergency braking situation – especially in severe weather conditions.  A good mechanic will check your tyres during regular car services and advise you when your tyres are nearing the level of wear that will begin to compromise safety.

You can save money on fuel and on tyre replacement in the long run by practicing a few simple habits with respect to your wheels, such as keeping your tyres inflated at the correct setting in relation to your vehicles tyre placard(located somewhere on your car), accelerating lightly, and keeping the weight of the car minimised – that is, ridding the car of unnecessary clutter – as well as regularly having your wheels rotated, balanced, and aligned along with your suspension and steering checked.

When it comes to replacing tyres, there is a big variety to choose from, depending on your type of car (passenger sedan, Four-Wheel Drive), how you use it (short trips, long distances), and on what terrain (city stop-start driving, open road highways, dirt roads). As a guide, many tyres have ratings for durability, road grip and braking, as well as performance and handling. Selecting a low quality but cheap option may in the long run lead to tyres that need replacing sooner, so it’s good to get expert advice to ensure you are well informed about what is best for your vehicle depending on how you use it, while keeping value in mind.

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