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Why Service Your Car Regularly

Booking a regular service for your car can sometimes seem like an unpleasant chore, especially amid a busy lifestyle.  But consistently servicing your car can help you avoid some big headaches in the long run, not least of which are safety, peace of mind, and saving money over time.

Let’s look at these in closer detail.  By simply using your car, you are invariably inflicting wear and tear on its components.  This doesn’t mean you are a reckless driver.  As the engine gets used, existing components need lubrication so that they will last for longer and save you the cost of replacing sooner than is necessary. Of course many components do have a limited life span even if maintained, and will eventually need to be replaced for better functioning: case in point, inexpensively replacing worn-out windscreen wipers before the blades begin to damage your windscreen.

And then there is the more serious hazard of having key safety features such as brake pads and tyres wear away, unnoticed.  It only takes one emergency braking situation to really demonstrate the difference between a consistently serviced car from one that is not.  Your mechanic will closely monitor the extent of wear on these and other key safety elements and will advise when a critical level is nearing.

A regular service will help to minimise damage, and sometimes identify and fix small problems long before they become big and costly issues.  There’s also money to be saved on fuel usage on well-tuned cars, and regularly kept log books can help you get a better car resale price.  So if you are trying to save money by avoiding a car service, you may effectively be doing the opposite thing.

And that’s not to mention the sheer peace of mind of driving in a well-serviced vehicle that you have confidence in taking you the distance, particularly in hazardous weather situations or on long journeys.

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  1. Braden Bills
    It's true that whenever you use your car you are slowly but surely wearing down it's components. No matter what your lifestyle is like you can benefit from regular car services. It's best to take any precaution you can to prevent having a key feature of your car fail in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for the article!
  2. It's true that simply using your car inevitably inflicts some kind of wear. Making sure that you get your vehicle serviced regularly is important because they can provide preventive maintenance. It's better to prevent than wait for things to get to the point where they need to be completely replaced! Thanks for sharing!

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