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All About Tyres

There is more to know about car tyres than keeping an eye out for the tread getting bare.  While this is an important thing to do, it’s also vital to know how tyres can affect your car’s safety and efficiency. Safety is of greatest importance, and a quality tyre with good grip can make a difference…
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What To Look For In A Good Mechanic

Perhaps you’ve moved locations and need to find a new mechanic who services your local area.  Or you may have need for a mechanic for the very first time.  Either way, finding a good, reliable mechanic can sound like pot luck, but it needn’t be difficult.  Here are a few simple tips for locating the right person to…
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Facts About Engine Oil

The so-called ‘well-oiled machine’ is synonymous with something that runs smoothly, so when it comes to getting the most from your car, it’s good to know a little more about its lifeblood – engine oil. Engine oil is effectively a lubricant designed to limit the wear created by the movement of car components against one…
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Why Service Your Car Regularly

Booking a regular service for your car can sometimes seem like an unpleasant chore, especially amid a busy lifestyle.  But consistently servicing your car can help you avoid some big headaches in the long run, not least of which are safety, peace of mind, and saving money over time. Let’s look at these in closer detail.  By…
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